In the box Experience

In the Box Photography is our newest experience to Jordan Summer Photography. I am mostly excited about this one because it is a great way to mix all my creative juices into one photoshoot. This experience is great for kids and families of all ages. Hey! Let's even put you and your dog in the box.

Choose a collection or customize your own. The possibilities are endless!

Step 1: Choose your Collection

Birthday Collection


  • Color choice
  • Number Balloon
  • Confetti Balloons
  • Confetti
  • Wrapped Present
  • Happy Birthday Sign
  • 3x3 Digital Photo box, including 9 images
  • Photographer Planning
  • Online Delivery

Starts at $350

Additional Props

Want a box that is specific to a certain theme?

-We can design and add new props to personalize it for you!

Additional fee

CustomizeD Collection


  • Design your own box and bring your own props.
  • Work with the photographer to design a new collection.
  • New theme gets featured.
  • 3x3 Digital Photo box, including 9 images
  • Photographer Planning
  • Online Delivery

Starts at $300

VIP Four Corners

Opportunity for minis and pop-ups:

  • Back to School Minis
  • Fall Minis
  • Christmas Minis
  • More to come!

All will include the same scene set up and props.

Join the Facebook group for dates and upcoming pop-ups:

VIP Four Corner Facebook Group

Step 2: Planning and Fun

Let's Chat

  • Once you book, we will hop on a call. I will walk you through the experience and help you plan out an outfit to match the theme.
  • Show up to your photoshoot
  • Expect to take photos for 30-45 minutes

Step 3: Post Production

All Collections include one 3x3 Photo box with 9 images inside

Do it for me

  • The photographer will pick the images and placement in the photo box.
  • Additional fee for edits to the box placements.

Included in Collection

Do it with me

  • You will set up a zoom call with your photographer to pick and place the images together.

Additional $50

Add on Edits

  • Add on certain graphic and text

Starts at an additional $35

Available for Events

One of the most unique features is that the box is mobile and we can come to you. Book the In the Box Experience for your next party!

  • Birthday Parties
  • Pop-Up Event
  • School Events

Inquire about your next event today