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Hi, my name is

Jordan Maltezos



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Hey future friends! I am so excited you are visiting my site and considering Jordan Summer Photography to document your milestones. I am Jordan, the girl behind the camera. I am a Fire Wife to my husband, Nicholas. We have two kids, Rocco and our soon to be little girl, Milania. They have by far been our best adventure yet. Becoming parents in a pandemic was a big transition for us, BUT we wouldn't change it!

My background is in education, but I’ve always had a passion for photography. I love a good themed party and often find myself taking months planning and crafting every little detail. This creative part of me has really helped to inspire me in my work. I want to be sure I capture those small details that mean so much. Most importantly, I know getting in front of the camera can feel a little awkward or uncomfortable, but I am here to make you feel comfortable and confident. Your milestones, big or small, are what excite me. We will have a great time together and capture beautiful memories!