The beginning of a Beautiful Journey

Something I truly love about photography is the freeze frame factor. A photo can freeze a moment in time forever.  It captures families in their current state. And then continues to capture families as they grow, change, and evolve. This is something I am so excited about as I work with Kyla and Jesse on their journey to add a child to their family. These two high school sweethearts took these gorgeous photos at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, FL for their adoption profile book.

After years of decisions and prayers about what path would be best for their family, an amazing blessing came along to help guide them to officially start the adoption process. Jesse and Kyla are home study approved and are signed on with an adoption agency, Evermore Adoption Consultants. They provided lots of education on adoption and helped these two get their profile book ready. 

During our consultation call, Kyla explained part of that process was creating a profile book to highlight them as couple and family.  She also explained how they both were a little nervous about getting professional photos done and they felt awkward behind the camera. As someone who also feels awkward when being photographed (shocker...right?), I ensured her I am here to walk them through everything. And that we did! I had such a fun time with these two.

Since their Portrait Shoot, Kyla and Jesse have shared their Adoption Profile with me that included their gallery photos. They used Luna Designs, Co. to help design the book. Luna Design, Co recommends hiring a professional to capture pictures and they will support you with the creation of the adoption book. You can find a sneak peek into their book near the end. I was truly so touched to be able to take these photos for Kyla and Jesse. We had such a great time capturing their personalities and love for each other in this shoot. 

A Sneak Peek Into Kyla & Jesse's Adoption Profile Book

Designed by Luna Designs, Co.

Kyla and Jesse are an active family presenting to expectant mamas and waiting to be matched. I know we all can't wait to see God work in this way, as they wait for Baby M to join their family!

To be Continued...

Looking to Adopt?

Home Study: Sunshine State Adoption and Home Study

Adoption Consultant: Evermore Adoption Consultant

Adoption Profile Book: Luna Designs, Co.

Photography: Jordan Summer Photography